Welcome to C1 Chiropractic Health Centre

Thank you for visiting our website. This is a short introduction to C1 Chiropractic Health Centre; what we do here, why and how.  The site also sets out how our wide range of practitioners can help to get you working again.  You can get to these pages using the links set out below.

So, what are we trying to do:  We aim to be the best health care centre in Bristol.  We want to be the place you recommend to your closest friends and your family - and we are doing pretty well at this.  We aim to deliver quality care, not supermarket care, at a good price in a friendly environment that you will like and feel comfortable with.  We are also right in the middle of Bristol and its ever-expanding BS1 business district, so convenient to get to from most places. 

We have a team of highly qualified (in some cases to Masters degree level) and skilled practitioners who will give you top quality complementary health care and advice to get you back on track as quickly as possible. 

And, don't worry, we treat far, far more than just back and neck pain.  The list of therapies we provide to get you going again is here:

Chiropractic care 
Sports massage therapy 
Sports injury therapy
Spinal rehabilitation
Massage therapy

So, if you want to recover from your low-back pain, neck pain or any other injury that's holding you back either at work or at play then contact us and let's see if, together, we can't sort it out for you, and fast.  

To make this easy you can call us on the number shown on the top of the page or, even quicker, e-mail us using the boxes on our 'Contact Us' page, which is
here.  You can also book in directly using our online system  or you can drop in, as we like visitors, and we are at: 

                25 Victoria Street
                BS1 6AA

So, thank you for looking at our web site. We hope it gives you all the information you need to  get a feel for what the clinic is like and what we can do to help.  However, if there is anything that you are not clear about then contact us and we'll get back to you as soon as we can with an answer. 

Make it easy on yourself and book online here